Richmond Virginia Massage

The Continental Building • 5206 Markel Rd, Suite 307 • Richmond, 23230


Our therapies are offered to everyone: women, men, the elderly and children. The following therapies are available separately or in combination based on your needs.

Swedish Massage:

A gentle and relaxing massage using long strokes. Helps to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and lymph flow throughout the body.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Targeting knots and adhesions in deeper muscles. Helps decrease muscle pain and loosens contracted or shortened muscles.

Joint Mobilization:

Joint movement and stretching to increase range of motion. Helps bring awareness of holding patterns. Great for old injuries and joint surgeries.

Lymphatic Drainage:

Very slow and light strokes towards the heart help decrease swelling and inflammation. Increases circulation and speeds up healing after injury, surgery or being immobile. Used with pregnant women, those who may be at risk for blood clotting and Lymphedema.

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage:

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Thai Yoga Massage:

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art that is performed on the floor in loose and comfortable clothing.  Active movement, rhythmic motion, and gentle stretching is guided by the therapist using "metta" (loving and kindness).  While receiving Thai Yoga Massage, you receive the benefits of yoga.

La Stone Therapy (The Original Hot Stone Massage):

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Couples Massage:

60 or 90 minute massage offered in the same room!  Offered only on Saturdays, with the exception of Valentine's Day week.  Please schedule in advance.

Lomi Lomi (The traditional Hawaiian Massage):

Using long strokes and the forearm, this is a very invigorating massage and is incorporated into Swedish and Deep Tissue sessions.

Chair or Table Massage (corporate & parties):

Offering to offices, events and parties including Mom’s groups, bridal & baby showers, etc. May add Ionic Foot Spa, facials and more. Call for details to customize your event.

The Ionic Hydrotherapy Foot Spa:

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Pregnant Belly Casting:

Remember what you looked like while pregnant with a belly cast! Done around the 36th week or more of pregnancy. Cast is usually ready for pickup after 3-5 days of appointment.

Ear Candling:

By osmosis, ear candling pulls debris including wax and yeast out of the ear canal. This helps with balance, allergies, sinus issues and more. Call for more information.